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About Us

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What is a dog park ?

Dog Parks are reasonably new to the UK in comparison to many other countries and can be seen in several different ways ; A dog park is a park for dogs to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled environment under the supervision of their owners in our case this is a secure, interactive park, where you can bring your four legged friends to play, either with your friends, or just on your own.

There is a total joy to watching your four legged friends having the freedom to play and run without concern.

Many dogs can not be let off leads as their instinct is to run, or some families do not have large enough gardens to allow a good run, or simply some friends want their dogs to play with other friends dogs in a secure area where they know they can not lose sight of them and can relax and enjoy their fun. More so now than ever; it gives like minded friends an opportunity to sit outside and have a chat whilst their fur babies have some unadulterated fun !

As Mutleys is only small we can not allow 'parties' or group meetings ; it is designed to spend quiet one to one time with your dogs for you and ONE friend. Please be aware we have restrictions on numbers of dogs, vehicles and people and so read the rules carefully before choosing to book.

Mutleys offer 2 completely different parks ;

One is a fun, agility park with hurdles, see saws, mounds to stand on, giant balls, ball thrower and best of all; a pond to play. The pond is completely safe, 1 mtr deep with gravel bottom and as a natural pond is circulated from the nearby stream to keep it clean, fresh and safe. This has an entrance slope and floating duck platform.

The second park is a quiet park with longer run, with small Woodland area deliberately left for foraging and investigating, this is more of a quiet, relaxation park so has less play things but just as interesting, balls are kept in the chest for play. This park is a little better for reactive dogs too as is more sheltered. It has a shallow  paddle stream with bridge to still offer water play for the pups.

Both parks have seating areas to let owners rest and chat, both have clean running tap water with drinking bowls to suit all sizes, and at this time both have antibacterial gels for owners after touching gates and toys.

Mutleys provide dog poop bins at each exit and litter bins in the Park waiting area; we ask that you do clean up after your dog. ( if something has been left by accident then there are markers in the fence tray to apply for our clean-up )

The Parks are checked 3 times a day and mowed weekly to fortnightly to keep clean and safe. 

So how does it work ?

  • Book online the session of your choice as half hour and 1 hour slots.

  • You must arrive accurately on time or you lose your minutes.

  • If you are early please wait in the waiting park, in your car with your dog(s), until the previous occupant has left.

  • The previous occupant will leave the gates wide open to allow quick entry.

  • You may either park outside the park you have chosen, or REVERSE in, keeping on the tarmac - do not drive onto the grass- 1 car only inside.

  • You must close the gates securely before letting your dog out of the car or off their leash.

  • Play as you want - enjoy the area.

  • Pick up your own dog poop and put in the dog poop bin - do not put other litter in here, there is a bin outside.

  • please put all the balls / small toys back in play chest. 

  • Please get ready to leave so that you drive out of the park before the 1/2 hour or 1 hour is up.

  • LEAVE THE GATES WIDE OPEN ON EXIT - this makes the next arrival easier and quicker.

Please read our rules and terms and conditions before booking - Timing is of the upmost importance in making the experience relaxing and a joy to everyone, so please abide by the rules.

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